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Wildwood Grove

410 EAST MAIN STREET, Le Roy, MN 55951


Wildwood Grove is an intimate senior living community located in the scenic prairie of SE Minnesota in the charming town of LeRoy. Designed to embrace country living, this community is a welcoming retreat for older adults seeking control over their options and a personalized care experience. With an emphasis on individuality, Wildwood Grove's professional staff tailors service plans to fulfill each resident’s unique needs, creating an environment where every individual is respected and supported. The staff's dedication, combined with a comprehensive suite of services, makes Wildwood Grove a community of choice for seniors in SE Minnesota. Embracing the philosophy of person-centered care, Wildwood Grove ensures that residents are at the heart of their own care journey. Understanding that residents are the best judges of their needs, the community acts as a guide and assistant along the path of each resident's life. With a management team backed by considerable experience, the commitment is towards not only meeting the physical needs of the residents but also enriching their lives with a profound sense of dignity and well-being.

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Community Details

At Wildwood Grove, the facility boasts 35 cozy assisted living and memory care apartments divided into smaller, neighborly sections. The community offers around-the-clock staffing to assist with varying needs, along with emergency response systems and RNs available for health assessments and medication management. To ensure a secure environment, safety checks are performed every two hours, and a low resident-to-staff ratio is maintained. Residents can expect a warm and familial atmosphere, enhanced by the availability of social activities and local transportation within LeRoy. Such amenities foster independence and engagement, providing a satisfying and safe community experience. Residents have access to on-site parking and are provided with individual mailboxes, allowing for a semblance of their accustomed lifestyle with a touch of added convenience.


  • 35 Assisted Living And Memory Care Apartments
  • Staffed 24/7
  • Emergency Response Systems
  • RN Availability
  • Health Assessments
  • Medication Management
  • Safety Checks Every 2 Hours
  • Low Resident-To-Staff Ratio
  • Social Activities Encouraged
  • Transportation Within LeRoy
  • On-Site Parking
  • Individual Mailboxes

Food and Dining

Residents at Wildwood Grove are provided with three homestyle meals a day supplemented by delicious snacks, contributing to a warm, home-like atmosphere. The dining services ensure that nutritional needs are met while still offering enjoyable meal experiences. The availability of snacks and beverages throughout the day allows residents to maintain their personal eating schedules and preferences, ensuring comfort and satisfaction. The importance of food as a central aspect of communal living is recognized, creating regular opportunities for residents to come together and savor meals in good company. Wildwood Grove sees meal times not only as a matter of sustenance but also as cherished social gatherings that add to the richness of community life.



  • Three Homestyle Meals A Day
  • Delicious Snacks
  • Nutritional Needs Met
  • Snacks And Beverages Throughout The Day



Within the bounds of Wildwood Grove, residents have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities that cater to their interests and provide social interaction. Whether it's tending to the garden, playing card games, or unwinding with music, there is something for everyone. The community encourages participation in daily activities, offering an exercise program, and regularly scheduled social, educational, and recreational events. These programs are especially geared towards residents with memory loss, ensuring all individuals can find joy and fulfillment in their day-to-day lives. The intimate setting and small neighborhood division of apartments support a close-knit community feeling, where laughter and life stories are shared. Access to transportation for monthly shopping trips and an inclusive array of both on-site and local activities ensures residents stay connected to the wider community while enjoying the comforts of home.



  • Gardening
  • Card Games
  • Music
  • Daily Activities
  • Exercise Program
  • Social Activities
  • Educational Programs
  • Recreational Events
  • Programs For Memory Care
  • Transportation For Shopping Trips