about us

About Us

We Put Seniors And Their Loved Ones First

Purple Door Finders is the new way to find your Right Fit™ for senior and assisted living. Our platform is the most comprehensive, accessible online resource for senior and assisted living search. We provide seniors and their families with the tools and support to find senior living and assisted living—in the easiest way possible.

Our Promise

Comprehensive + Accessible

Purple Door Finders allows you to search one of the most comprehensive online databases of senior and assisted living options. Search for a wide variety of senior living options­­–independent care homes to large full-amenity communities from senior apartments to managed memory care and respite–with thorough listings and pricing from verified communities. Best of all, there is no cost to seniors and their families.

Support + Tools

Every senior and family has different needs and preferences. Learn about your options and types of senior living using our tools and resources. Our Right Fit™Tools not only help you determine the best senior living for your needs, but they also help you manage the process with checklists, assessments, and more.

Empowering + Direct

You will not find referral agents or senior advisors selling communities from our network at Purple Door Finders. We bring you all of your options. Residents and their families can search anonymously and register to use our tools, but you only share your information with communities you have approved. Communities pay a monthly subscription fee to showcase their complete community profile; no commissions, quotas, or additional fees for communities, residents, or third parties.

Our Beliefs.

We believe that...

seniors and their families should have more tools and resources to help them find senior living—independently

We believe that...

transparency of information including the cost of senior and assisted living is important and necessary.

We believe in...

the ethical use of technology and data to improve the process of finding senior and assisted living.

We believe that...

the industry of senior and assisted living needs to change.

Our Story

Our name has a very special meaning. How often do you see purple doors on houses, buildings, anywhere? Not often. And when you start looking for them, they are hard to find.

This is the same for senior living. Again, there are a lot of options, but not exactly what you are searching for. It’s like trying to find a purple door.

That's why we’ve built a platform that makes it easier for you to find your purple door .