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Son Heaven Assisted Living II

2540 Ferndale Lane, Helena, MT 59601


Son Heaven Assisted Living, nestled in Helena, MT, comprises two welcoming homes with a total of 29 units. Established in the late 1990s, Son Heaven joined the Caslen Living Centers family in 2016, seamlessly integrating into the Caslen culture. This community prioritizes providing its residents with quality care, delicious meals, and a diverse array of activities. It's the combined efforts of volunteers, staff, and the residents themselves that make Son Heaven a unique and special place. The mission at Son Heaven Assisted Living is to support seniors in maintaining their quality of life with utmost respect for their privacy, dignity, and personal choices. Care is attuned to their evolving needs, ensuring a compassionate and attentive environment for all its residents.

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Community Details

Leadership at Son Heaven Assisted Living is driven by those with a genuine passion for positively impacting the lives of others. Shelley Walden, boasting over 15 years of experience in the field, took over the management in 2023. Her heartfelt connection to Montana and her impressive familial ties to the medical field add a personal touch to her role as a manager. Assistant Manager Kasey Brawn brings her own rich background in caregiving, starting as a caregiver at the age of 19 and advancing to take on a leadership role at Son Heaven after her consistent dedication to resident care and wellbeing. Both Shelley and Kasey embody the commitment to creating a homely and affectionate setting for the residents. Their stories showcase a dedication not just to professional excellence but to the creation of a familial atmosphere that residents clearly cherish.


  • Experienced Management
  • Homely Atmosphere

Food and Dining

At Son Heaven Assisted Living, the culinary experience is crafted with care to meet the satisfaction of its residents. Much emphasis is placed on providing wonderful meals that not only nourish the body but also offer comfort and enjoyment. Dining at Son Heaven is a communal and delightful experience, reflecting the overall community spirit of the place. The nutritional needs and personal preferences of each resident are considered in meal preparation, demonstrating the attentive and personalized care that Son Heaven prides itself on. Whether it's a regular mealtime or a special event, food is a source of pleasure and community bonding at Son Heaven Assisted Living.


  • Wonderful Meals
  • Communal Dining
  • Personalized Care



The residents of Son Heaven Assisted Living enjoy a vibrant lifestyle filled with varied activities. The community’s emphasis on engaging events is evident in the wide range of offerings that cater to the diverse interests of its residents. Activities are not only leisure-based but also contribute to the cozy community feeling that Son Heaven is known for. Volunteers play a crucial role in enriching the lives of the residents, bringing a human touch to every event and gathering. These collective experiences are integral to creating the joyful and homely environment that residents and staff enjoy, further reinforcing Son Heaven's reputation as a place where smiles and positive change are a daily occurrence.


  • Varied Activities
  • Engaging Events
  • Volunteer Involvement