Oakhaven Nursing Center

123 OAK STREET, Darlington, SC 29532

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Wilson Senior Care is a network that includes various facilities catering to the long-term care needs of seniors. Among their establishments is a significant facility known as the Morrell Rehab and Nursing Center, where residents such as Timothy Mack have been living since 2017. The center recently witnessed a heartfelt event, the first baptism within the senior care community, with Mr. Mack expressing his wish to be baptized. This event emphasizes the community's dedication to the spiritual well-being and personal wishes of its residents. Additionally, Wilson Senior Care focuses on leadership and ensuring quality care through the appointment of experienced professionals. For instance, Jordan Gallman, RN, transitioned from the role of Director of Nursing at Morrell to become the Executive Director at Medford, highlighting the growth and leadership continuity within the organization. Gallman's career advancement within Wilson Senior Care, which started about 10 years ago, showcases the organization's support for professional development.

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Wilson Senior Care operates several locations including the Loris Rehab, Morrell Rehab and Nursing Center, as well as senior care facilities in Loris, Medford, Morrell, Oakhaven, and Honorage. These facilities are designed to cater to the varying needs of seniors, from general senior care to more intensive rehabilitation services. Each site is staffed with dedicated professionals like Chaplain Danny Pierce, who serves across all facilities providing Chaplain services, veteran visits, friendly visits, and contributing to the enhancement of activity offerings. The organization takes pride in acknowledging exceptional service, as demonstrated by the award of Wilson Senior Care Employee Named SCHCA Long Term Care Nurse of the Year.


  • Loris Rehab
  • Morrell Rehab And Nursing Center
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Chaplain Services
  • Veteran Visits
  • Friendly Visits
  • Professional Development
  • Long Term Care Nurse Of The Year Award



Wilson Senior Care acknowledges the importance of activities and spiritual needs as part of its care philosophy. The first baptism within their community reflects the provision of personalized spiritual support. The calendar of activities across their facilities, such as the Loris, Medford, Morrell, Oakhaven, and Honorage Activity Calendars, suggests a full schedule of engaging and suitable programs for the residents. The involvement of Chaplain Danny Pierce in enhancing activity offerings indicates a holistic approach to care, ensuring that residents receive varied interactions and events to engage with their peers, fostering a sense of community and well-being.


  • First Baptism
  • Spiritual Support
  • Loris Activity Calendar
  • Medford Activity Calendar
  • Morrell Activity Calendar
  • Oakhaven Activity Calendar
  • Honorage Activity Calendar
  • Engaging Programs