Maryville Adult Home, Inc

70 Greenlawn Road, Huntington, NY 11743


Maryville Enhanced Assisted Living Center provides senior community living in Huntington, New York. Open 24 hours a day, it caters to residents who require an enhanced license from the State of New York, allowing individuals to "age in place" and accommodating the frail and elderly. Since 1970, Maryville has built a reputation for its dedication towards the community members, with a clear objective to create a nurturing, homelike environment for its residents and peace of mind for their families. Testimonials speak to the high-quality care and immaculate condition of the facilities, highlighting the absence of medicinal odor and the exceptional quality of meals served. The center's staff, including the director, Sandy, are celebrated for their caring nature, especially towards residents with dementia. The commitment of the team to provide a real 'home' is palpable. Maryville's approach to assisted living emphasizes both the comfort and contentment of residents and the importance of creating a cheerful and involved community.

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Food and Dining

Dining at Maryville Enhanced Assisted Living Center is a focal point of resident satisfaction, with the facility being recognized for the very good quality of meals it provides. The absence of a typical medicinal odor often associated with care facilities enhances the dining experience, further contributing to the homelike quality of life for residents.


  • Very Good Quality Meals
  • Enhanced Dining Experience


The amenities at Maryville Enhanced Assisted Living Center, while not extensively documented in the source material, are inferred to contribute to a comfortable and homelike atmosphere desirable in an assisted living community. Residents find their surroundings well-maintained and are pleased with the living environment which is praised for its cleanliness and appealing condition.


  • Comfortable Accommodations
  • Warm Atmosphere
  • Immaculate Facility
  • Homelike Environment