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Madison Health Care Center

7465 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227

Homestead Healthcare Center, situated in suburban Indianapolis, is a skilled nursing facility that focuses on rehabilitation and offers long-term respite care. They provide medical assistance and private respite care, along with short-term options, catering to the emotional and physical well-being of their guests and residents. The facility prides itself on creating a supportive environment and delivering an excellent experience. In recognizing the importance of engagement and personal expression, Homestead Healthcare Center has a dedicated activities department. This department is responsible for designing and implementing a variety of fun and seasonal events throughout the year, ensuring that residents remain active members of the community.

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Homestead Healthcare Center understands the importance of comprehensive care and fosters an ongoing relationship with residents and their families to deliver the best care possible. They believe in involving residents and their families in every step of the planning process for health and personal care, ensuring comfort, happiness, and success. The facility boasts a 24/7 admissions process and is certified by Medicare/Medicaid. They offer various payment options and strive to make the admissions process as easy and transparent as possible, with a friendly team ready to address any concerns.


  • 24/7 Admissions
  • Medicare/Medicaid Certified
  • Various Payment Options



The activities department at Homestead Healthcare Center plays a pivotal role in the daily lives of its residents. With special care in designing and implementing fun and seasonal events, the department ensures residents have ample opportunities for engagement. These activities not only provide entertainment but also facilitate the maintenance of dexterity and personal expression for individuals under the care of the facility.



  • Seasonal Events
  • Personal Expression
  • Engagement