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Gretna Community Living Center

700 S. Hwy 6, Gretna, NE 68028

Residential Care Home

Azria Health Gretna is an innovative healthcare facility bringing forward the use of telehealth technology to enhance patient care. The headline introduction of the telehealth robot program showcases Azria Health's commitment to innovation and its culture centered around embracing new technologies for better patient outcomes. This facility, located in Gretna, Nebraska, is clearly future-focused, piloting a program that allows for remote medical visits using an Ohmni Robot developed by Ohmni Labs. This innovative approach to healthcare enables medical staff to be virtually present within the facility, showcasing a step towards modernizing patient interactions.

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Azria Health Gretna is equipped with the Ohmni Robot, a HIPAA-compliant technology that revolutionizes the way telemedicine is conducted in the facility. The significant advantage of this robot lies in its ability to be controlled remotely, allowing medical professionals like Dr. Natalie Manley to navigate the hallways of the facility and interact with patients as if they were physically present. This system is particularly beneficial in circumstances where in-person visits are not possible, such as during COVID-19 exposure risks, ensuring uninterrupted medical care.


  • Ohmni Robot
  • HIPAA-Compliant
  • Remote Navigation
  • COVID-19 Exposure Risk Management



The Ohmni Robot's functionality extends beyond telehealth consultations. The facility envisions using the technology to facilitate virtual visits between residents and their families, aiming to bring comfort and emotional support, especially during times of restricted physical visitation. Additionally, the telehealth robot is utilized for educational purposes, allowing medical students the opportunity to shadow and learn from Dr. Natalie Manley in a virtual format. This innovative use of technology not only enhances patient care but also contributes to medical education and family engagement within the Azria Health Gretna community.



  • Virtual Family Visits
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Medical Student Involvement