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Fremont Healthcare Center

39022 Presidio Way, Fremont, CA 94538

Residential Care Home

Mariner Health Care provides an array of health care services across various facilities. The services offered align with the needs of individuals requiring attentive rehabilitative and long-term care. While detailed descriptions of specific amenities, activities, or food services are not provided, these facilities are designed to cater to residents who need consistent monitoring and medical support. To facilitate visits, each location houses an Admissions Coordinator and Administrator to assist with inquiries and offer maps and driving directions for easier access. With healthcare centers spread across Northern and Southern California, Mariner Health Care ensures that individuals have access to suitable care options within these regions. The facilities such as Almaden Health and Rehabilitation Center, Creekside Healthcare Center, and Skyline Healthcare Center-San Jose indicate the breadth of Mariner's reach, focusing on residents who benefit from a supportive and medically equipped environment.

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Mariner Health Care operates a selection of facilities in various locations including San Jose, Glendale, San Pablo, and more. Each facility is equipped to handle the unique demands of its residents. The provided contact information for each location, such as phone and fax numbers, implies a readiness to communicate and address the needs of prospective residents and their families. Detailed information on parking, security, and visiting hours is not available; however, the presence of administrative staff like Admissions Coordinators suggests an organized approach to visitor management and facility security.