Comforts of Home - Greenhaven

6936 Gloria Drive, Sacramento, CA 95831

Independent|Assisted|Memory|Residential Care Home

Sacramento Carehomes stands out with over two decades of experience serving the elderly community of Sacramento. Their philosophy follows a C.A.R.E approach, focusing on communication, attention to details, respect for roles, and empathy for each individual. The Kang Family, founders of Sacramento Carehomes, have a history of passionate care and an award-winning legacy in the community. These homes provide a range of services from independent to hospice care, always ensuring resident satisfaction and well-being.

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Community Details

Sacramento Carehomes foster strong and trusting relationships with residents and their families, maintaining open lines of communication that serve as an effective liaison between family members and medical teams. The facilities offer private rooms, each equipped with essential furniture and a flat-screen cable television, ensuring comfort and a home-like environment. They employ a staff-to-resident ratio that prioritizes individualized care and maintains a 24/7 awake night shift for constant support.


  • Communication
  • Private Rooms
  • Flat Screen Cable Television
  • Individualized Care
  • Staff-To-Resident Ratio
  • 24/7 Awake Night Shift

Food and Dining

The Sacramento Carehomes are committed to providing nutritious, balanced, and appetizing meal plans to all residents. Their kitchen staff is specially trained to meet specific dietary needs and preferences, tailoring meals to each individual's requirements. They emphasize the importance of offering a variety of quality food options to meet the nutritional needs of each resident.


  • Nutritious
  • Balanced
  • Appetizing Meal Plans
  • Special Dietary Needs



Residents at Sacramento Carehomes engage in activities designed to sustain physical exercise, cognitive abilities, and daily living skills. A dedicated Activities Director is employed to plan and oversee these activities, ensuring that each resident participates according to their interests and capabilities. Moreover, the homes promote personal rehabilitation and closely collaborate with staff and therapists to encourage physical progress within their residents.


  • Physical Exercise
  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Activities Director
  • Personal Rehabilitation