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Barnegat Nursing Center

859 West Bay Ave, Barnegat, NJ 08005

Independent|Assisted|Memory|Hospice|Residential Care Home

Barnegat Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a skilled nursing facility dedicated to providing high-quality care for residents with various needs, ranging from short-term rehabilitation to long-term care. With a strong emphasis on individualized plans and recovery, it prioritizes a culture of patient-focused environment. The facility has a high resident satisfaction rating and provides 24/7 admissions, comprehensive rehabilitation, and a gamut of specialized services. Staffed with a skilled team, Barnegat Rehabilitation and Nursing Center fosters a compassionate setting that utilizes cutting-edge technology and best practices to meet the health and personal care needs of its residents.

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Community Details

With a modern facility that maintains a robust infection control protocol, Barnegat Rehabilitation and Nursing Center ensures resident safety and well-being. Various services are categorized under short-term care, rehabilitation, special services, and long-term care. The facility has a responsive team for emergencies and an Outbreak Response Plan for prompt action during health crises. It implements thorough visitor screening and testing procedures, especially during outbreaks, and commits to frequent communication with residents' families. Admission protocols and approaches to cohorting during infectious disease outbreaks demonstrate its readiness to safeguard both residents and staff.


  • Modern Facility
  • Outbreak Response Plan
  • Visitor Screening
  • Frequent Communication
  • Admission Protocols
  • Cohorting

Food and Dining

The facility's food service is attentive to dietary needs and preferences, aiming for satisfaction and nourishment. An on-site chef collaborates with residents and their families to design meal plans that assist in the recovery process, using selective menus. There is a strong emphasis on taste and contentment, ensuring that the dining experience aids the residents' well-being and recovery.


  • Dietary Needs
  • Selective Menus
  • On-Site Chef
  • Collaboration with Residents and Families



Barnegat Rehabilitation and Nursing Center believes in keeping residents engaged and active. They have a robust calendar of activities managed by an Activity Director and Team, offering new and fun daily activities. Personalization is encouraged, and residents have opportunities to interact and participate in various events. The facility's outdoor patio area and special services, like the monthly breakfast club, provide additional avenues for social interaction and enjoyment.



  • Calendar of Activities
  • Activity Director and Team
  • Personalization Encouraged
  • Outdoor Patio Area
  • Monthly Breakfast Club