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Ashton Place Health and Rehab

5533 Burlington Road, McLeansville, NC 27301-9622

Ashton Health & Rehabilitation in McLeansville, NC, represents a supportive facility specializing in rehabilitative services and skilled nursing for individuals transitioning from hospital care. The center is dedicated to helping residents recover from various medical conditions, such as orthopedic surgery or Alzheimer's disease, by providing personalized and comprehensive care. Creating a close-knit community, Ashton Health & Rehabilitation emphasizes a personal touch in its services. The facility not only facilitates the recovery process but also fosters an environment where residents, family members, and employees engage in activities, build relationships, and support each other’s growth.

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Community Details

Ashton Health & Rehabilitation is deeply committed to the recovery of its residents, which is reflected in the provision of customized care plans. An interdisciplinary team, including physical therapists, nutritionists, and various experts, collaborate to deliver a high standard of care. This approach ensures residents receive specialized treatment tailored to their unique medical needs. The community ethos extends to employees, offering them a professional environment for career development. Staff members are passionate and able to partake in opportunities for advancement, contributing to a high-quality workforce dedicated to resident care.


  • Customized Care Plans
  • Interdisciplinary Team
  • Physical Therapist
  • Nutritionist
  • Specialized Treatment
  • Professional Environment
  • Career Advancement
  • Dedicated Workforce



The staff and residents at Ashton Health & Rehabilitation engage in various activities and events, which play a significant role in building a sense of community within the facility. These opportunities allow residents to interact with each other and the team, aiding in social stimulation and a more enjoyable recovery process. Further to activities within the community, the commitment to professional growth for employees ensures that staff remains highly motivated and invested in the well-being of the residents they serve. This dual approach ensures a dynamic and positive atmosphere conducive to healing and professional fulfillment.


  • Various Activities
  • Events
  • Community Building
  • Social Stimulation
  • Enjoyable Recovery
  • Professional Growth
  • Highly Motivated Staff
  • Well-Being