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Anaheim Healthcare Center

501 SOUTH BEACH BLVD., Anaheim, CA 92804

Anaheim Healthcare Center is a commendable skilled nursing facility situated in the vitalizing city of Anaheim, California. The facility is known for its round-the-clock compassionate skilled nursing care. A team of professionals stands ready to offer a spectrum of rehabilitation services to help residents regain independence and facilitate their return to their homes. Prioritizing the unique social and clinical needs of patients, Anaheim Healthcare Center delivers a secure environment that promotes independence while managing necessary services. This skilled nursing facility has earned a prestigious 5-Star rating, reflecting its commitment to excellence in patient care.

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Community Details

Anaheim Healthcare Center is a large 250-bed skilled nursing facility that serves those in transition from hospital to home, requiring 24/7 nursing and rehabilitation care. The facility is driven by a 'patients first' philosophy and aims to create a comfortable healing environment for residents and visiting families. The facility is staffed with an experienced team committed to creating a positive experience through professional care and service. Patients and families are welcomed to explore the facility with tours available nights and weekends to accommodate busy schedules. The center has outlined exacting standards in response to COVID-19, with visitation policies subjected to local health department guidance.


  • 250-Bed Facility
  • 24/7 Nursing and Rehabilitation Care
  • Patients First Philosophy
  • Professional Care and Service
  • Tours Available Nights and Weekends
  • COVID-19 Response



Anaheim Healthcare Center seems to recognize the importance of engaging residents with activities that cater to their interests and help in the rehabilitation process. Testimonials from family members suggest that the facility has an activities department that actively contributes to the positive atmosphere inside. From the information available, specific activities are not detailed, but the consistent mention of an active department indicates a commitment to recreational and therapeutic activities for the residents. This aspect of the community is one that seems to leave a lasting impression among visiting family members.



  • Engaging Residents in Activities
  • Activities Department
  • Recreational and Therapeutic Activities